Ubuntu 12.04 lts like mac

Now, log out. Just execute following three commands in terminal:. Slingshot launcher: Download it from launchpad.

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Mac OS Lion wallpaper: Search on google. This project on gnome-look. Everything has gone OK during this procedure except last update: sudo update-initramfs -u; that gave me this error below:.

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  • Index of /releases/releases//release.
  • Ubuntu 12.04 on Power Book G4.

What should I do? How i am safisfied now with the way it is now without the splansh screen for Macbuntu. Its great, But I have one question here , how can I make my desktop tool bar horizontal as like in the screen-shots above.

As I did not find it anywhere to look like exactly same after following above instructions. Can anyone guide me.

Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS (Precise Pangolin)

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Apple G4 iBook 1ghz running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - more usefull than Mac OSx in 2014

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THELI core 2. Download Next topic 3.

Getting started Quick search. Software pre-requisites The following requirements are based on the Linux Ubuntu See the note below imagemagick gawk, wget, PNG library Note Qt3 has been phased out and discontinued in newer distributions. Note If you re-install the pipeline core, then the GUI must be re-installed as well.

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