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    Oct 9, AM in response to maxlandra In response to maxlandra I updated to Makes no difference at all on my end. Solutions for educators.

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    Start Recording. Tips and Tricks. Tutorial Videos. Editing Audio Overlay Arrow Manage Recordings How to Blur Moving Text Upload to Screencast-O-Matic Intro to Free Hosting Company About Blog Media Assets. Solutions for Education for Work for Developers. We use cookies to optimize the experience on our website. However, we should assume, Cocoa is the future on Mac. It is possible to build an all Cocoa version of Lazarus with release 2. It is also possible to make a Carbon install of Lazarus and use that to generate Cocoa 64bit binaries.

    Create a directory, where you would like to put the sources.

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    You don't need to be root to do this. Any normal user can do this. First create a directory for fpc. This will create a directory called 'fpc', which can be later used in the IDE. Source code of stable versions is available in the Lazarus Zip - GZip archives. This is e. PPC-based Macs. Provided that you have installed the latest stable FPC version together with sources, it is sufficient to download and unpack the zip archive.

    Move it to the desired location e.

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    This may take a few minutes, but the process is fully automated. Therefore, you might want to look for a cup of coffee, while FPC is working. If the compiler is ready it prints the number of processed lines and the required time to the shell's output. The last step is to right-klick on the Lazarus bundle icon and to select "Show Package Contents" from the context menu. That's it. As of the Lazarus 2. You probably don't! Note that as of April , there may be issues with newest gdb and High Sierra. Again, this step is not necessary with Lazarus V2.

    Obviously, this step happens after Lazarus is installed. OK, now you should be able to start Lazarus, it should display the various parts and paths it needs including gdb in the little opening screen. You will get an alert there if you chose to not use a debugger.

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    See screen shot. Like Xcode 4. Unlike in Xcode 4 the installation option is no longer accessible in Xcode 5 via the Downloads tab. Additionally, the "Locations" tab of the preferences dialog may be confusing, as it mentions that the command line tools are installed:. The first dialog box shows that by default the command line tools are only installed inside the Xcode. Depending from your Xcode version alternative steps to install the command line developer tools may be to download them directly in the Xcode preferences window see screenshots above or to download them from developer.

    Xcode 4.

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    Afterwards, FPC will install and function correctly. It will be necessary to reinstall the command line tools after each upgrade of Xcode especially when it's a new major version, the installer may delete the old copies of the command line tools , and also after switching to a new major version of the system software idem. You may also download the command line tools from Apple Developer.

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    FPC 2. This bug has been fixed in Xcode 4. You can work around the bug in Xcode 3. The Xcode integration kit is provided as an optional install to allow for developing with Free Pascal directly from Xcode. It is not required for development with Lazarus, however.