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In the case of the Apple Mac Pro 4,1 and 5,1 towers, they do provide the power on all three power pins I just wanted to thank you for that comment on how to remove that cover with the G5 logo What if you had to remove the engine of our car to The power supply in a Power Mac G5 is not easy to Is it possible to test a G5 power supply like an ATX power supply, I changed the power supply today.

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The mac now turns on, Power Supply Removal. Add a comment. Powerbook Medic.

I need to replace the power supply in my Mac Pro but I'm stuck Damn Technology: Rebuilding a Powermac G5 power supply This is an official Powerbookmedic. Parts Tools.

Introduction 2. Fans, Heat Sink, and Processor 4.

Logic Board Removal 5. Superdrive and Power Supply. Comments Add a comment. Post Comment. Service Parts Tools Hard Drives.

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Mac pro power supply replacement

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Hi, Thank you for putting this videos, but you omit to explain important steps like heat-sink cover removal and screws for the front fan assembly. The video-cards and other PCI-e devices are held by a bracket and so on.